The Bathroom Mirror

For Christmas 2021, I asked for either a spice rack (for my new spice containers I purchased this summer) or a mirror for the bathroom.

I thought, for sure, I’d get a spice rack. But I learned that Tyler doesn’t like the jars I picked out for the spices. I got square, glass jars. I also took all the plastic inserts out of the jars that give the option of sprinkling the spice out of those tiny hole things. I did this for two reasons. First, it’s obnoxious to take those lids off when refilling the jars. Second, the mouth of the jar is large enough for measuring spoons to fit inside and to use them, I would, again, have to take those little lids off.

Am I being pedantic about the little lids? It’s hard sometimes to get them off. Is this a general issue with the little lids or a specific issue to me and my hands? I don’t know, but I bought the spice jars and use them the most, so I decided not to include the shaker lids. Tyler dislikes this decision….and I think this influenced the decision to making the mirror as my gift instead of the spice rack.

Since we moved in, I have used a long mirror sitting on the vanity in the bathroom as our bathroom mirror. This takes up counter space and had small viewing area.

So began the process of the bathroom mirror. 🤣

Because this was a gift (and, again, I guessed spice rack), I have no pictures of the process. But Tyler wasn’t sure he liked the mirror he made. Apparently glass is wicked expensive (isn’t everything right now anyway?). And he wasn’t sure if he’d be able to see clearly. He’s six inches taller than me, so a mirror we both can see out of, the appropriate amount of our faces, isn’t a standard size. He likes everything really tall or high up. I like to see part of my body to see what food stains I have on my clothes.

I thought, simple as it is, this was a nice mirror. Cleared off my counter space and it immediately made the bathroom look bigger. It also made me realize how deep the vanity is and how far away that makes the mirror from when I’m standing.

It became immediately apparent how blind I am. It’s not something I think about often, but I am somewhat aware of that fact that my vision is horrible. I think other people would be shocked to put on glasses that mimicked my visual field. Without glasses (I wore contacts for over 15 years but my current prescription doesn’t allow for contacts to fit comfortably into my eyes anymore so I’m a full-time glasses wearer since about 2018), I can only see fuzzy shapes of color. If an object is too small, it disappears into the dominate color around it. Even if that small object is black and the wall is white. The black object will still disappear into the white wall. So, without my glasses on, I can’t see my face in the mirror. I am a ghost. Or a vampire, I guess, would be the more appropriate comparison.

Is that a problem? What does this have to do with the mirror? I can’t lean closely enough to the mirror with the vanity width and the height of the mirror to see my face. It means I can’t put on makeup with the bathroom mirror, or acne medication, or pluck my eyebrows, or do anything where I need to see my face instead of just “feel” where things are.

So I ended up taking the tall mirror, that use to be sitting on the vanity counter, and leaning against a corner of the bathroom. This allows me to get right up close to that mirror, without glasses, and see my face for face-seeing tasks.

I find this ironic…that I’m still using the full-length mirror in the bathroom. But you know what? That counter space is still a game changer. And I’m so happy to have another piece of the house puzzle set to rest. Just a million more to go! Ha!

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