April 2022 Vlog

There are just two more months left in the Vlog Project. I’m a little weary of still filming and remembering to film the little things during the day, because I’d prefer to spend my time enjoying the day. But I do feel like the project has helped me to see even smaller transitions during the seasons.

I never realized, for example, that November is the month where the earth goes brown. Or that April doesn’t turn until the very last moment. Or how, by February, it doesn’t feel dark out anymore, since the sun’s path is so high in the sky. It’s still dark in February, don’t get me wrong, but compared to December-it’s a whole new world! So, overall, I definitely feel I am more present for the changes in the season. Earlier this month I re-watched the June vlog and could not believe that the acreage will be so full and lush in just a couple of months. It’s pretty awesome.

On the no-spend year challenge, I am doing fine. I am not spending on things I don’t need, but, unfortunately, this month was ROUGH. I severely underestimated what I would need to make a garden feasible and start my seeds indoors. And, getting excited about having a garden, meant I may have over purchased a bit. You’ll see I had roaring success with cherry tomatoes and have WAY more than anyone could use. Especially someone who’s spouse doesn’t eat cherry tomatoes.

I also had expenses that I had forgotten about. Gus’s annual checkup and vaccinations, my business insurance, property taxes and home insurance. And I, perhaps in an unwise choice, replaced the couple of bad guitars I had at my studio with new ones because I was ahead on my yearly plans for my savings account. And I decided to re-do how I spend for groceries by trying to extend my shopping to once every 4-6 six weeks with a small $10 weekly produce budget. So that meant a large upfront sum. This was all before the annual expenses I hadn’t considered.

But that’s how we learn, isn’t it?

And, although I’m excited for the garden, the weather and timing hasn’t worked for Tyler to get or start the beds. Now, did I think they’d get done before Memorial Day weekend? No. In all the years I’ve done some type of gardening, when I haven’t been in control of some aspect of the gardening that needed to happen prior to planting it has never happened before Memorial Day weekend. Am I pessimistic the beds will be ready by the end of May? Yes. Oh goodness, yes. One can never be too sure about the weather here and I’ve never been overly optimistic. I can see all my seedlings being suffocated in their solo cups because of an extra three weeks of stormy weather. But I guess that’s a worry for the last vlog.

This vlog has me starting some seedlings (peppers are SO DIFFICULT to germinate this time of year-but-spoiler-some FINALLY sprouted yesterday!), watching the yard go from brown to green, snowstorms. thunderstorms, mud, my new pantry organization to help with my strict budget and turning the mud room into plant/freezer room.

Regularly bi-weekly posts *should* resume this month. So hopefully we will have a lot to share!

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