March 2022 Vlog

As time marches on, we are in the homestretch of my Vlog project. Just two more months left and I’ll have filmed a year of seasonal changes and life at the Homestead.

March looks an awful lot like November-once the leaves have fallen. Brown, yellow, beige, mud. We had some strange weather this month. Snow, freezing rain, thunder and lighting storm with freezing rain, and sixty degrees days. The one thing I feel confident saying, is that we haven’t had enough moisture this winter. So let’s hope the spring steps it up.

Here is the Vlog:

My no-buy year has been…interesting so far. There have been more emergency purchases than I would have cared to make. A new copier for my business, as well as some new equipment. The time was neigh. It’s just a blow when it happens all at the beginning of the year.

Groceries, gas and heat prices are pretty bad here; at least when the cost of living is accounted for. There is no consideration, on my part, about healthiness of the food I’m purchasing. I’m just trying to hold it together and eat as many fruits and vegetables as my budget will allow. Which is often 1-2 a day. Why? Because there is nothing less filling then fruit and veg. But I have perfected my rustic Dutch oven bread and made good white and wheat sandwich bread. I figured out the cost per loaf of that is about $1.50 each. If we disregard my time in the cost. But it’s relaxing to make your own bread, so I’m actually enjoying it.

March was also the time to get supplies for the garden. I’m nervous about the garden. I want to be successful, but it will be a large financial investment. Over time, that investment will pay off, but the initial sticker shock is impending. I suppose if it all fails-I can stick to just eating my bread in pb sandwiches. (That is my standard lunch right now…🤣 welcome back childhood)!

The written blog posts will be returning this spring as well. I’m going to stick to every other week, as I don’t know what exactly I’ll be posting about. But I’ve got two in the cache, so there is a start.

And now we move into the great transition of spring. I was watching old vlogs from summer and it seems like it was years ago when the weather was hot, the whole yard was green and shaded with leaves and a person could walk outside with the thinnest of layers. I’ll probably never be one of those people who thinks time moves so fast, it’s moves…at time’s pace. But I love feeling the journey through the seasons. Without them, I’m not sure time would exist at all.

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