February 2022 Vlog

You know, I hear people say they want to be “getting back to normal,” but I think that’s an odd idea. There is no returning to normal after something that changes the world or life.

Unfortunately, it looks like we are in for some more life changing events in the world with the war happening in Ukraine. Why someone, in this day and age, would invade a sovereign nation or go to war is beyond me. It’s the foolhardy thoughts of previous generations who have long since died. There may never be a return a normal again, just a new normal. But that’s how evolution works. And for us to assume otherwise, is just naive.

All of that to say, I have a vlog for February up on the YouTube channel.

This month it starts getting dirty. Mud, snow, puddles freezing, it’s should have its own seasonal name. Like, maybe mud winter? Here is the Vlog:

You will see, mud, my attempt at a raspberry pie using our frozen raspberries from last summer’s harvest, mud, the fireplace mantle, mud, some freezer arranging, and trying to replace my wiper fluid during 27F windchill with a hood frozen shut.

I had one of the most treacherous driving experiences of my life this month. Freezing rain when trying to get 25 miles from one of my studios out of town back into town. I don’t like driving in bad snow…but there is nothing more terrifying than freezing rain. Not only because it’s slick, but also because it was nighttime and the ice reflects headlights and other lights and splits them into a million directions. For someone who sees halos and starbursts at night, the added refraction blinded me. It took me almost two hours to drive those 25 miles. I burst into tears when I finally got home from holding it together from the stress of driving in weather like that. I imagine this will cause me to automatically schedule online lessons with any threat of freezing rain in the future.

My hands have been aching pretty badly this month. I think it’s the temperature swings, but also I’ve been working on my computer a lot writing an arrangement for a student. So I’m re-evaluating how I schedule my computer time as to not aggravate already irritated joints in my hands.

When everything seems up in the air (who hasn’t heard or thought about WWIII or nuclear weapons? 😬) sometimes finding something to look forward to helps. So I am trying to focus on that.

For this blog, you can look forward to a return to more regular posting in the late spring. Updates on the porch, my garden (the plan is to have a garden-and seeds have already been purchased!), little house projects, and the ever-changing seasons.

May you be safe and your loved ones be safe too. 💙💛

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