January 2021 Vlog

January hasn’t been a very exciting month. It’s been mostly very cold (below zero and frequently windchills below -20). We had a good snow storm part way through the month, and some little amounts of snow here and there.

So the good news is that it looks like January. What I like about this month is watching the sun rise a little higher in the east-it sits at the perfect angle to cast gorgeous shadows on the snow between 9-10am. When the sun is at that angle, I think it is the most beautiful.

My no-spend year has started out well. My grocery budget is very small, so I know once the pantry is more depleted, that this will be tough. But I’ve done some serious grocery budgeting very carefully so many years before, that’s it like riding a bike after a cold, icy winter.

I haven’t seen Tyler this month really at all. He was voted in as a cheerleader for a winter festival and had a lot of meetings for that. Then was gone all weekend during the festival. Although, he is a person who keeps himself very occupied, so who knows if this month would have been any different without the winter festival? It probably would not have been. But I knew there wouldn’t be work happening at the house or much time to hang out.

Here’s the link to the Vlog:

On the Vlog you’ll see alot of snow, and alot of the same. Gus and I couldn’t hike with the cold and had to keep many walks to ten minutes or less. It’s starting to get to me, the lack of waking and spending time outdoors. You can forget how wonderful and therapeutic it is to be in Mother Nature. I might crack soon if it doesn’t get above 20 on a regular basis .

Tyler did order a stone slab for the fireplace mantle, and you’ll see a bit of that in the Vlog, but they messed up the measuring-so it doesn’t fit. Which I found hilarious because it seems like the world is sometimes conspiring to keep us from getting stuff done here.

Then I was rear ended at a stop sign. There was ice, no one was injured. But my bumper crumpled up onto my tires. The bumper was pulled out so I could still drive; but there is a big waitlist to get parts and get the work done to fix it. I’ve never been in an accident as a driver before, so this was an unfortunate event. I feel a bit nervous now on residential roads. What if someone blows the stop sign or can’t break on the ice and rams into me? Funny how that thought never occurred to me before.

2022 is off and running….slowly. Coldly. (Why not make that a word?). But I’ve always found January to be the longest month of the year, so I imagine things will pick up and I’ll be outside again in no time.

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