Barn Door Handles & The Fireplace

While we are almost caught up on the little things and projects I had in backlog for the year at the acreage on the blog (I am writing this post in October-despite you reading it in December); I have made a blog decision.

I am going to cease written blog posts about the house during the winter. It’s difficult to come up with posts and when T does have time to work on something, it’s often time to himself in his shop that he wouldn’t always want posted online. He goes back and forth about ideas for the Vlog and Blog and also not wanting to be on either…so it’s a bit of a crapshoot of what info, videos and pictures I get.

This will, of course, allow for fuller posts of complete projects as they come to fruition.

If something large happens, I will add in a surprise post. But I feel this is best for doing the business of life. I will see how the vlogging continues and progresses. There is little to show of work video-wise that Tyler has done-for the same reasons listed above. But it’s a bit simpler to do a Vlog (at least with the camera equipment I have…cough…iPhone camera).

So here is your last update for the year. Tyler made these great metal handles for the sliding barn door that closes off the garage from the porch. Do I have video or pictures of him making them? Nope. Was I informed of when they were being made so I could get video or photos? Nope.

But I got a few shots of them being installed. The barn doors also now have stops and little gliders to keep them from flying around.

Tyler also had our custom fireplace made. It’s gas, not wood burning. He installed it and got the rest of the framing ready to put up some brick facade at some point. I believe the temps have to be of a certain level to do the facade-which is why I decided to combine these two projects into one post. Yes, the fireplace works and warms up the porch really well. One cool October day he got it up to almost 80 in there in about an hour. I’m not sure if having the fireplace on counts as heating up the space enough to lay the brick though?

We’ve had some frost in the mornings now (hooray winter!) and T’s teaching schedule has gotten so overbooked that I don’t expect to see him or spend time with him during the school year anymore. So I can’t imagine I’ll get any shots of when the brick does happen.

I hope you have made it through 2021 better than 2020. It’s too soon for me to tell if this year set things back on a path to a more normal life again. 2021 was more eventful than I wanted it to be; and I’m starting to realize there is no returning to any type of life in the “before.” Because life is different now. And sometimes, that means what is done cannot be undone.

You can still keep up with (mainly Gus) on our Instagram @thepedersenhomestead and on YouTube for monthly vlogs at Jenna Hardy Pedersen.

Signing off until next Spring.

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