The Wood Details in the Porch

Once the floor was installed, Tyler could finally get to working on the trim and other details that he was waiting on.

Ironically, he had the lumber to do these things, but was stymied by the floor. It was a basic mathematical order of operations issue.

He cut down the extra cedar planks he had and made baseboards along the walls. In some cases (well all cases I think) he didn’t have any single piece of wood long enough to do the whole length. For this he moved the saw into the porch for ease of fitting.

Also, excitingly, he was doing all this work during the hottest week of the year. When, one day, the heat index was up to 108. 🥵 So, I hope when this is published we are all enjoying not being in that heat hell and have been free of the heat for quite awhile. 🤞It was less then ideal working conditions.

He also made the front covers (?) for the side benches that will surround the fire place. A fire place that has been ordered and may, in fact, be able to be used this very winter!

He also began reworking the barn doors. Now, I’m sure this isn’t the right terminology to use. But what I mean, is that with the flooring, he had to adjust the size of the doors for optimal sliding. This involved another type of saw and some trial and error. Just like cutting your own bangs, always err on the side of less cutting until you get it just right!

I’m so happy he has been able to work on a project this year. It’s been good to see him excited to do something…and with the porch being such a show stopping part of the house, I think it’s a good space to focus energy on.

So the big question is-will we have a Christmas tree in the porch this year? Future me is excited to find out!

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