October 2021 Vlog

The October 2021 Vlog is up on the YouTube channel-and actually has been for a little bit. Since the first Sunday of November was a little bit farther into the month and I wanted to have it completed before Halloween.

Absolutely nothing happened on the homestead or the house this month. Not surprising, as it’s full swing school here (as opposed to Covid last year with more cancellations and less rehearsals than ever before).

The link is here: https://youtu.be/mnvJL9I0txY

So the video shows the changing weather and leaves (or lack of leaves 🤣), a couple clips of the marching band with no identifiable students (so you all know there really are other things in our world besides the work here), hikes and walks with Gus, and I even speak to the camera this time.

Which is funny-because I have recorded myself speaking to the camera every single month, but then just freaked and didn’t put it in. I’ve been working on Instagram stories and such for a course I’m taking and I’m getting a bit more comfortable speaking in front of a camera because of it-so I decided to finally just give it a go.

I hope your October was beautiful. The weather is finally cooling down enough to produce light frosts and it’s so refreshing. It makes the air feel clear and clean and allows me to breathe.

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