The Porch Floor

By generous gift, we were fortunate to receive some financial assistance part way through the summer that has allowed Tyler to move forward with a couple of projects.

And, after spending some time thinking about what to do with such a generous gift, he decided to finish the porch. Or, as much of it as possible. It may be the first completed space in the house! Except that it’s kind of outside the house.

Ceiling view of floor before

Now, Tyler will disagree with me and say the upstairs bathroom is finished. But, to me, a bathroom that is suing metal wire shelving and has a mirror sitting on the vanity instead of an appropriate sized mirror hanging above the sink, is not a finished space. Our bathroom looks like a hodgepodge with the storage situation one might find in a college row house. So…I will contest that anything is finished.

Because the porch isn’t heated or cooled, that influenced the decision of the flooring. In fact, the flooring has to sit on top of a concrete slab that has some cracks in it.

Prepping the space

Tyler went with a laminate flooring that can successfully (we hope!) float over changes in weather in various shades of gray.

For those of you who have been following along on the monthly vlogs, you will have seen some video of this from back in July. Tyler seems to think the vlogging is a good idea, though he laments I didn’t start doing it seven years ago when we bought the property to use as a bit of side income.

Let me just reiterate (for Tyler 🤣)-I made a conscious choice to erase the vlogging I was starting to do in spring of 2014. Truthfully, he gave me a lot of flack for my inability to correctly explain what was going on during deconstruction. And when I shared a video about the mini garden I dug with a screwdriver, I was told no one would be interested. And I agreed. And then there’s the whole “putting yourself out there” for the internet the judge. A few of our shorts from 2014 consistently get hits-and I wasn’t in a place to handle things like comments and trolls.

But, furthermore, Tyler doesn’t wait around for me to film what is happening nor does he film himself. So, like the flooring videos from the July Vlog, I barely got any footage until he was practically done with the whole project. And I constantly miss projects he is doing. I’m either working or he makes decisions last minute to do something, without informing me. So I’m avoiding all guilt at the prospect of “missing out” on seven years of subscribers and views.

One thing about the flooring Tyler did want me to share was that if you treat it carefully it is a good product. But that’s is more delicate in individual form than people expect it to be. It can easily crack, until it’s securely in place. He did crack a few pieces.

So, he measured. Cut pieces. Locked the joints together. Then tapped them into place.

It took a few days because he was doing this in between other commitments. But it was pretty cool to see the room looking more room like and less like a fancy cave with a concrete floor. That is, until the entire room was covered in tools and stuff masking the flooring. At least I got a couple of shots in quick!

But we’ll get there.

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