Copper Porch Lights

I wish this post would be able to be a bit longer with more information, but this is not the case.

If you recall, I mentioned this past summer, that I had a series of posts already in the queue before I made the decision to move to a vlog format once a month. That means there is some catch up over things that have happened in the backlog.

This post is the first post not from the backlog. So it’s actually from some work this past summer.

As you might recall, the interior of the porch was a big project in spring/summer 2020. So it came as a nice surprise to see these copper light fixtures installed. One one day after I got done teaching and the other a couple of days later. While Tyler hasn’t shared the process, I imagine it’s a lot like other light fixtures he has put in the house.

So imagine, if you will, a photo of Tyler on a step stool or ladder reaching up to the ceiling with a tool of some kind and some wires. There are many pictures like that from past posts. So I’m sure you can conjure an image!

He would have pulled the wires together and fixed them through the light fixture. Possibly screwed the top plate of the fixture to the ceiling, and added a bulb.

As many of you already know by this point, I don’t like overhead light or bright light. And I don’t know if it’s the bulb wattage or the copper color, but I appreciate the subtle yellow/orange glow instead of a bright white or blue hue.

Tyler made a good choice, as he always does with decorating.

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