September 2021 Vlog

And so, we begin the fall. The written posts are still a bit behind the Vlog posts, so the vlogs can be a bit of spoilers for the upcoming series through December, but it will even out soon.

The Vlog is short this month and perhaps has some additional scenes that are less interesting to those who like to watch the house and acreage work. It works like that in September. There is a lot of marching band and everything that encompasses the start of the school year and less time for projects.

However, I enjoyed this month much more than the last few as we’ve experienced a few cool days and even some cool fall rain. And I love anything that gets us out of the harsh summer heat.

Since I’ve added some caption commentary to the Vlog, I won’t be explaining it in this post, as I think I’ve made it easy to follow. I don’t like my caption options though. Adding captions on YouTube is clunky and hard to set to the right amount of time. They often jump from where I want them to be. Adding captions in my iMovie editor is easier, but covers part of the screen and uses different size fonts depending on the amount of text. This displeases my sense of visual organization.

But I’m still working on getting it set up in a way that works! I don’t mind suggestions-if someone knows a workaround for the text sizing issue. 😁

Here’s the link and enjoy October-the official start of the dark season.

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