A Dead Tree

In the June vlog, you will have seen some great little shorts about a large tree coming down. Tyler chopped that whole tree down in a single day (and did several other things around the acreage).

But this tree was rather an interesting specimen.

It apparently died this year. We don’t know why. Were the roots crowded out by the trees around it? Has the gas line somehow leaked and killed it (as suggested by one person)? Did it have a disease?

Whatever it was, the leaves and buds never returned. Tyler hopes to save the oak tree next to it, so it made sense to take this one down. (Which I believe was a maple).

I didn’t realize it was such a large tree until I saw it fall across the road.

There isn’t much to say about taking a tree down. First he took the branches off. Some needed to be chainsawed down even more. He moved some larger chunks to the concrete pad for turning to fire wood. Others he drove across the yard in the truck. Which later was turned into wood chips.

That was basically the whole process. Easier to explain in words than to actually physically do. But it is always quite majestic to watch a large tree come down. Hopefully no more tree deaths are in our future.

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