August 2021 Vlog

And so, the August Vlog is here. August feels like a long month, where almost nothing gets accomplished. Mainly because we have two weeks of band at the start, and I’m exhausted trying to do band and give enough attention to Gus.

I tired something slightly different with the Vlog this month. I added captions that explain a bit about what is being shown. So, if you’d like to read my narration (which is not recorded onto the video) turn on closed captioning to read the comments.

I had considered actually narrating the video. But I want the videos to be simple enough that I’ll be able to keep up with them regardless of what else is going on. And recording a narration involves a lot more editing. Plus, I love the sounds that the videos capture of nature and the tools, etc. I don’t want to obscure those sounds.

This month Gus was in quarantine for the canine pneumonia virus. So we didn’t have grand adventures. We walked the gravel road a hundred times, and once he was out of quarantine, we only ventured on the nearby trails. (In case he started coughing again, I didn’t want to be caught out an far away from home).

Tyler worked on the fireplace with the little time he had this month. And now that school has started he is basically never home. No one, who hasn’t been married to a high school band director, will ever understand the insane hours people in that profession work.

In the Vlog you will also see a bit of grapes ripening on the vines, Rowan berries and some small reptiles out and about enjoying the last days of summer.

May your fall be cool and lovely. This is the start to my two favorite seasons-I can’t wait!

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