Another Mower

One of the big discussions this year has been about the addition of another mower to the homestead. And by discussion, I mean Tyler looking for deals and weighing the pros and cons of what is available.

After much thinking, Tyler finally made a decision on a John Deere. Obviously, it’s not a new John Deere. Everything he was looking at was second-hand. I’m not sure you want to know how much these things cost new…it’s shocking to me!

The things I remember about the reasons Tyler picked this mower may or may not be accurate. Sometimes it twists in my memory. But here is what I recall.

The deck is quite a bit larger than our current grasshopper. It has a cab, but the front windshield is missing. And I think it may be a diesel. It’s wheels are pretty hefty and it moves very fast.

I was glad Tyler found something. Part of the reason for another mower was to have something to mow the field. Tyler has used the grasshopper and it take forever. Also, since the field is mostly weeds and mud, it clogs the mower a bunch. Using the tractor to mow the field, has caused holes in the soft earth, as parts of the field is more suken than other parts of the property.

Tyler has to replace a wheel once he brought it home and has driven it all around getting it ready for its new job. I hope it’s something that ends up working out as Tyler hoped. I like when he is able to get the things he needs for the homestead.

Watch how fast it goes!

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