July 2021 Vlog

We are on to the second month of a vlog. I hope that last one was entertaining!

This month’s vlog involved a lot of unfinished projects, so you’ll see bits and pieces of things that are happening. It’s also a bit longer, because I had some many little things as opposed to watching something from start to finish.

Watch here, then read the description below:


July started off foggy, which was nice. It added moisture to the air that was sorely needed. But July was hot. We routinely had days in the 90s and even had the heat index get up to 108 towards the end of the month. Gus took lots of little swims.

There are some little clips of Gus and I on walks around the area. I’ve been fascinated to start to notice how you can move through grassland, wetland, glacial lakes and forest all in a relatively small area.

Tyler did some work for a friend with a roof thing. (I can’t elaborate because I don’t want to get that wrong).

Then Gus and I had this little firefly friend hang out with us in the yard one day and I thought I’d try to capture his hellos! What a sweetie!

Tyler started in on a lot of projects in the porch. The fan, the lights, the floor, painting the front door, resizing the barn doors, etc. You will see lots. I had to scrap ALOT of this footage because he listens to the radio while working (understandable) but YouTube blocks some specific music-even if it’s background on the radio with a saw blasting over top it. (A reason vlogging just isn’t conductive to Tyler’s style of work-I think he wouldn’t like working in silence).

The neighbor cut down the hay field, let it dry and bailed it. I was hoping to get shots of the bailing, but he did this while I was at percussion camp. Of course.

And, lastly, I went and checked out the local antique store one day for a break from all the teaching I was doing with summer camps. I was only there for an hour and it was pretty busy. But I love looking at the clothing and fabric. One reason is because most of the items in our area were all hand sewn (likely because it’s a rural area and they might not have been able to order) and I love seeing the stitching. Some of it is bad. It looks like MY uneven hand stitching. And that’s always makes me feel better about my sewing skills. I don’t know if this part is interesting at all. It’s not really homestead related, but I thought I would put it in so you could see something I find fascinating.

Hopefully vlogging in August will go well. It’s marching band camp, so I wonder if there will be much to film?

Here’s to cooler weather-soon!

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