Moving Trees and Horse S*@&

Yes, I’m boldly putting a trick swear word in the title. I mean, why not?

We had some epic burns early this spring as a result of the clearing of the land behind the shed.

But it was a lot of debris to get rid of, if you recall the images of the trunks and branches.

Tyler hauled the branches to another place (I’m not sure this is information to be shared, but the gist is, he has permission to move the large trunks to a property that will remain anonymous). Then some were burned.

The next step was something that came out of the blue. Tyler asked the people down at the fairgrounds what the plans were for the hay and manure from the horse barns. Apparently, none. And the fairgrounds said he could have as much as he wanted if he hauled it.

So I watched him drive the tractor and back and forth to the fairgrounds, hauling hay covering in horse dung, and spread it out in piles in the old hay field. (The back part of the acreage).

The purpose was to spread the substance in the dips and cracks in the earth to even it out. There are dips across the whole yard, but more than that, the tractor created some spots when it was driven on the ground while the ground was still too wet.

I didn’t get too close to the piles, because I was suspicious of their contents prior to being told what was happening. But since our yard is regularly covered in deer pellets, this makes little difference.

I’m glad this outdoor work was finished early on though. The summer has been heating up quickly and respite from outdoor work is needed.

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