June 2021 Vlog

So here it is! The post I was teasing in the last entry two weeks ago. A vlog.

But maybe, not the type of vlog most people consider a vlog. I’ve started and stopped vlogging so many times throughout this house process. It’s a lot of extra work on the editing and production side of things; whereas writing a post out with advanced warning is less intimating to me.

I decided the way to try and make vlogging workable, was to use a series of shorts and link them together. No further explanation. No talking to the camera and getting all mixed up with my words, concerned about how I come across. Just the sights and sounds of where we live.

It also has the added benefit of allowing small projects or homestead events to get a little feature, that may have normally been passed over. Also, projects that I was not present for or wasn’t told would be happening can have a tiny clip added in as well. (Which I’m sure is the future of the homestead renovation; and which I will try my best to document until the time comes for this all to end. Sometimes the ends of these things sneak up on you, when you weren’t even looking).

These shorts will combine for a monthly vlog. I have no idea how long they will be. Some may be longer than others. But they will be on the YouTube channel and linked here as the first Sunday of the month post. I will make them monthly as long as I am able. But, as I alluded to above, with the current world and homestead circumstances; I am not wanting to make a guarantee. In the description, I’ll give some insight to what is being seen; but here on the blog I’ll give a better overview. So, let’s begin with June 2021. I’d recommend watching first, then reading the description.

Featured this first month is Gus and I walking around the acreage at the beginning of June. It’s been hot. Horribly hot. Im generally fully covered to protect my pale skin-so I tend to look insane covered in a large scarf. I don’t care that I look insane if it keeps me from skin cancer.

Several times throughout, I show the progress of the mulberries and raspberries starting to ripen. On the summer solstice, there was a beautiful rainbow sunset and the raspberries first began to shift to reds and pinks. It’s a night shot-so the image is not very clear. But it was beautiful and timely to me and so I included it.

We kept getting almost storms that would pass through and leave us no rain. I have some shots of these as well as the brief rainstorms that did happen. They were too brief and by the end of the month you can tell that our grass is dying of thirst as the yard began to turn yellow and crunchy.

Tyler did some chopping of wood and organizing the concrete slab. He also cut down an entire tree that had died. We had several fires to burn branches and leftover root balls and even some old wood.

Gus and I took many walks so I filmed some of the beautiful places we walked. We surprise quite a bit of wildlife regularly on these walks, but I rarely am able to catch them on camera fast enough; so I was pleased with the one good shot I got.

So that about sums up June. Some yard work, some pup walks, berries, storms and droughts and fires. I hope the new monthly vlog is interesting! I love the sounds of Mother Nature out here, and I’m happy my camera captures it decently.

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