Dead Plants and Their Pots

I’ve generally done okay with plants the last few years. As in, not killing them. But I’ve had a stretch of bad luck recently.

Editing Jenna here, stopping by from the future (after writing this post). This post was originally part of a series of posts I unimaginatively dream up called “fillers.” When we have large projects, or posts that need to be written that will take several weeks, I will fill in the weeks with some small bits of mundane acreage information.

I wrote this post prior to deciding to change the posting schedule to accommodate for less activity on the acreage. In fact, I have a couple of these types of posts in the queue. I’ve decided I’ll still go ahead and publish them in order. I think it could help me get use to the new documenting I’ll be doing (which won’t make any sense to you reading this right now-because there is an interesting change in the works coming in July). Which means some of this info will seem wildly out of order chronically-speaking. By mid-fall, though, it should even out and the posts you see will have more direction.

I prefer to have greater time to write, edit and throughly document my posts; but with the frequency of the schedule, haven’t always been able to. So once we get through my backlog of filler posts and smaller posts, there will be more care in the posts you read.

Thank you for sticking through with this detour. I hope you will stick around, despite this post being somewhat dull, for what’s in store beginning in July. 😉

First, one of the beautiful plants I took to my music studio slowly and tragically died. I have trouble keeping anything alive at the studio (or, at least in good condition). It’s a north facing building downtown on the bottom floor of a four story. The light is bad. The air is all electric, so bad circulation.

And then, after almost three years, a plant I was gifted from a funeral finally died as well. This one was likely because it needed to be repotted. I just didn’t make that happen before it finally gave up.

And, lastly, one of my jade plants developed a fungus. Or, I think it was a fungus? I followed all the guidelines when I noticed it. Made sure to not get water droplets on the plant itself. Cleaned the leaves eight an alcohol solution. Moved away from other plants. Cut off the tops of the plant that were damaged from the fungus. I did this for months. And finally, I realized, that this disease was probably deep within the plant itself. My other jade was unaffected, so it was maybe time to cut my losses.

Since I knew it was gonna be a nice day outside. I took these dead or partially empty pots out to clean to prepare them for future plants I hopefully won’t murder. (And I included one from my free summer garden last year that I hadn’t cleaned out prior to the winter coming on-I let it sit by the porch all year through all kinds of weather-it’s a top notch pot!).

There isn’t much to any of this. I simply put the dead plants in the compost. And rinsed out the pots, then cleaned them with dawn dish soap.

And violia! They are ready for new life.

Was this worth a whole post? That’s debatable. But this year, as I mentioned last week, life is about the little things. I found joy in this little thing.

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