The Excavator Part Two

After the excessive amount of digging holes, Tyler switches to all out pulling out trees with the excavator.

The best one, was a time lapse, where the tree unexpectedly fell backwards into the excavator.

Then, Tyler picked the tree up with the jaws of the excavator and moved the whole tree to the pile.

The trunk bundles were sometimes covered in dirt and soil. So the stacks got higher and higher to let the trunks dry out a bunch.

The first large stumps removed.
A root ball being pulled out.

He also went around the other parts of the acreage and pulled up stumps that has been sitting around for awhile.

West side of property, behind the house, removing a stump.
Removing a stump by the mulberry trees on the southwest side of the property.

Then the freshly cleared dirt was patted down with the box scraper attached to the back of the tractor.

Box grating.

And then, a few weeks after it all settled, he went in and laid down grass seed.

It’s actually really odd to see the open space. It really isn’t that much space, when compared to the size of our acreage, but it makes everything seem much make open. And yet, somehow smaller?

Cleared view from behind the shed.

But I’m glad Tyler got to spend some time with the excavator and finish clearing out what he started last summer. Completing a project is always the way to go.

The stump and root pile.

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