Renting an Excavator

It’s sometimes a little sad to look back at all the things that were possible to get done last year at this time, due to the unexpected shut downs. I was feeling like I was just really behind on blog posts, until I realized I was comparing output to the six month summer we had last year.

But is it April (when this post is being written) and what a glorious April we have been having. Probably the best April, weather wise, since we first took possession of the property in 2014.

As with other Aprils (minus 2020), this time of year is mainly outdoor work and smaller projects. School is still in session until Memorial Day and we don’t yet know what the tax outcome will be this year, so there is a bit of limbo when it comes to anticipating the possibilities for the house.

On Easter weekend, Tyler rented an excavator. He rented a trailer and then drove to another town and picked up the excavator.

The only view I got of the excavator on the trailer-when I was inside the house. Sorry the screen is on the window!

Fortunately, the weather was great for working outdoors. In fact, it was even a little too warm.

The main purpose was to clear out the area behind the shed. He had been working on this last year, taking a few trees down and starting to clear out of the weeds .

But there were tree trunks and root balls that needed excessively deep digging to clear out.

It was pretty cool.

Tyler started by digging out the trunks and stacking them over in a pile. And then he went around the yard and started taking down whole trees with the excavator.

I took a lot of video and pictures, so I am dividing this post into two. It was a great start to the weekend!

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