The Little Things

I’m not sure if you aware, but the lumber industry is in quite a state, still trying to recover after the shut downs of covid. What this means, of course, for people who build and renovate or do construction, is that supply is not meeting up with the demand for lumber. Things like plywood are marked up double from what they were pre-covid. And regular beams (or 2x4s, etc) can cost as much as triple.

When you combine low supply with the fact that many people around the country (not us 😡, but many people) have been able to refinance their mortgages for a lower rate, thus, making people want to do things like renovate, or companies expand with tax and covid credits with real-estate being more affordable than usual; it creates a cycle that won’t end anytime soon.

So that’s part of summer 2021. The summer where Tyler had some projects and plans that involved silly little things like lumber and plywood, but is being re-worked because spending that much on lumber is wasteful. (For people in our economic class).

Tyler spent some time starting the raspberry patch on a trellis system.

I’m not entirely sure what the new plan for the summer will be. It’s early May (as I write this post) and it’s probably one of the latest times of the year that a new project hasn’t been started for us.

Separating the herd into north and south sections for easier berry picking.

We don’t need to do anything at the homestead (other than the regular upkeep). The house is functional, Tyler’s shop is sort of functional (with obvious space concerns set aside), there isn’t a gaping sink hole anywhere on the property. I know this is bothering Tyler. He’s been making sarcastic comments about how we are still living in a construction site/unfinished house seven years later. But I don’t really care. (Especially if there is no plan to host dinners or have house guests-then there is absolutely no need to have more finished in the actual house).

By April, there were already green leaves on the shoots-I’m predicting a hot summer and early crop.

We have our lives together on this homestead, and hopefully another fifty to sixty years on this earth (if we are lucky). So is it actually a big deal if we don’t have a main floor bathroom? No.

Did you read that Tyler? None of it is a big deal! We’ve got us. And the little things we do, whatever they may be this summer, will be enough. Because you and Gus and this land and this house have always been enough for me. It’s been more than enough. If we need one quieter summer after six summers of non-stop back breaking work, then let’s take a more laid back summer.

So, starting this week, I am going to move the blog to posts every other Sunday. It’s just too touch and go at this point to know if I need to fill with additional posts, and I think you all have had to read enough essays that I took out of my drafts this year.

It will be fine. It will be good. We will live our lives and continue to make our home a home. But, the home may just have more living, than construction. That, actually, feels like a very nice place to be. ❤️

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