Thrown Rock

A new spring task has started to become an annual event at the homestead. Moving thrown rock.

There are two places where rock gets thrown. The first is the rock from the driveway. Tyler purchased additional rock last spring to lay on our muddy driveway, which has helped with the mud problem. But, when the driveway gets plowed, the rock easily migrates with the pushed snow into the yard.

Gus and I were supervisors during this project. And we had deep philosophical conversations as Tyler worked.

The other problem area we have is the grassy area at the edge of the road. When the snow plows come down our low-maintenance road they hurl rocks from the road into the yard.

And with each pass, the dirt from the actual road starts to build up along the side creating the start of ditches.

It’s hard not to chuckle at the sight, knowing the city sends out pavers and fills in the road continually with more dirt and gravel…only to push all that dirt and gravel into our yard, our neighbor’s, and the field ditches.

I don’t do any of the heavy lifting, so it’s not like it is an inconvenience to me. It is part of living where we do. But this appears to be a new spring tradition. And I’m happy it’s spring.

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