Upstairs Reorganization Part II

This little reorganization isn’t much of anything fancy. So this part is the final part of this small two-part series.

But what I did, was make myself a sewing area next to the top of the stairs. I wanted that strong south light so I could see, and I wanted to get my sewing machines out of the main floor living and kitchen area.

I had already moved my treadle machine upstairs with the help of my father last fall, but with the second Singer, I realized I might prefer a set up that is more accessible.

So, I brought my old high school desk home from my music studio as a stand for the Singer from the 1980s.

I was gifted a thread rack over Christmas that could easily lean off the desk and I set the Red Eye up next to the treadle.

I moved that large furniture piece Tyler’s grandfather made (and that I use to iron) against the window. And I emptied the drawers so that they could just contain sewing supplies, needles, shears, etc.

On the bottom shelf of the furniture piece, I lined up some of my albums (as I set up one of our turntables downstairs to be hooked up to speakers so it could actually be used) since album storage is a bit tricky.

And then, I moved the futon Gus likes to sleep on to the large west facing window. Every night Gus jumps on it, roughs up the blankets and then hops down a couple minutes later to rejoin us on the other side of the room. But I have caught him watching outside while laying on the futon, and I think he enjoys that it overlooks the yard. When I’m using the sewing area, he often naps on the futon right near me. So I think it was a good spot.

And now, I dearly hope, the next post you read may have some exciting renovations and construction or deconstruction for our spring and summer projects.

But, let’s face it, after last year, predicting or planning for the future seems futile.

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