Upstairs Reorganization Again Part I

I can’t seem to settle with any particular order for how I arrange things in the house. I’m always looking for new ways to make the house look more…nice? I guess? Or to use the space more effectively?

Also, I took a very serious look at what I could write for posts to tide us over during the winter until more work happened at the house. Hence, these posts the last six weeks.

So let’s begin with my closet. I mentioned that I discovered that wearing long loose dresses helps with my pain. And when I figured out how much my wardrobe did affect my pain level, I went through everything and made a lot of choices about what I was going to keep out to wear. Clothes, undergarments, shoes and even jewelry.

So I decided to make the small bedroom upstairs (which use to house the futon that Gus likes to sleep on) into my clothing closet.

I covered the windows with a room divider because this room has south facing windows. I didn’t want the bright sun causing the colors in my clothing to fade.

The interesting thing is (or maybe not interesting to any of you at all! 🤪) is that now I don’t have to change out my wardrobe for the seasons. I have a set of plastic drawers for sweaters or other folded items. And I have these cloth boxes for tees, long sleeve shirts and leggings.

Then I had to make shoe cuts. I ended up getting a couple more pairs of boots and kept some of my more pretty shoes for display purposes. I do trade out some of my shoes (and my knee high boots) in the summer versus winter.

I used Gus’s kennel as a table top to set my jewelry on, next to the standing mirror.

And that’s the extent of the change. What I do like, is that by putting my clothes in this room like a giant walk in closet, it keeps the sleeping area upstairs more open and means I don’t have to feel like all my clothing is on display to anyone who comes through the house.

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