The Spot Welder

I’m not entirely sure how many welders Tyler has this point. He talks about buying welders all the time. And I guess that’s because different welders work for different materials and jobs.

But, what is a welder, you may not probably ask? As my brother is a welder for a living, I believe I have absolutely no qualifications to explain or understand welding. What a welder does is fuse or connect pieces of metal together. (I think that’s basic enough to not get the description wrong, but check google out before believing anything I write about tools).

There’s aluminum and copper and steel welding and under-water welding too! I think more metals than those three exist, but I’m drawing a blank.

The welder itself is sitting on a really weird metal bass that is cumbersome. Tyler will take it off said horrible base.

I digress, Tyler purchased a spot welder recently and wanted to show me how it worked. (This was the result of him saying, Look at my new tool!” And me saying, “But what is it?” Then he explained it was a welder and I said, “It doesn’t look like a welder?” As if I am any authority on the subject. 🤦🏽‍♀️)

So apparently, these two spots on the machine are suppose to come to a small point, but have rubbed down over the years. And electricity goes through the pointy bits from both sides at the same time, heating up the metal and creating a single weld inside the points.

You hold the pieces with your hands that you want to weld (this is very disconcerting to me because welding is synonymous with heat and hot and I know fully well the when part of metal gets hot the whole piece of metal gets hot). And then you push down on a pedal to bring the two spot welders together with simultaneous top and bottom welding.

Unfortunately, the welder didn’t work when Tyler tried to show it to me. He laughed it off and said he probably needed to fix something on it…but I imagine that was frustrating for a new purchase. Although, I’ve been trying to relate to these experiences he is having with non-functioning tools. And I think it’s vaguely like buying a dress, only to have it be significantly too large. But still liking the dress, and then causing me to try and figure out how to alter it.

I may need to work on the analogy.

And maybe after I figure out a reasonable one, I’ll get to show you the functioning spot welder. Or maybe Tyler will just build his own spot welder…he’s getting to the point with tools and restoring them, I figure he’ll start making his own soon enough. (I mean, I’m making my own dresses? Why not skip the middle man? 🤣)

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