The Bathroom Window

We are scrapping the bottom of the barrel for posts dear readers. It’s been terribly cold, Tyler has been working around the clock at the school, and I’ve been…sleeping excessively as I haven’t been feeling well for almost six weeks now (this post is being written mid-way through February). But that is how winter eventually turns into spring here in Iowa.

On an unrelated note, I think I’ve finally found it. I’ve found appreciation for the bitter cold that made the time I was writing this post feel like the longest two weeks of my life. It’s the after. Right now as I type it’s the last days of February and it is glorious! It’s been in the 30s for a few days and the sun has mostly been shining. I’ve taken my gloves and hat off while walking Gus and even switched back to my super light winter coat. So the silver lining in the extreme cold temperatures, is that once the temps return to a normal winter level, it feels warmer than it did pre-bitter cold. I don’t know if that will help me next year when the extreme cold hits again, but I will try to remember how it makes the rest of the winter feel warm.

I was looking for ways I could make the house more homey and less…construction-y a few weeks ago while stuck inside and that required little effort from my rebelling body. And one thing I landed on was the window in the bathroom.

When Tyler painted the outside of the house this past summer, he had scaffolding up and down the side of the house. As we don’t have blinds or curtains in our home, I decided to put up some cardboard on the bathroom window so he wouldn’t be looking straight at me should I need to use the loo while he was painting that part of the house.

But, what I discovered, was that having that bit of privacy was actually a huge help. Our toilet has a big view of the front yard. And therefore, or so the saying goes, if you can see them, they can see you! So I left half of the cardboard up after the scaffolding was taken down. This made me not feel like I had to duck while on the toilet when fedex dropped off a package, or when my parents walked by to visit, or when the neighbor would drop by with his tractor to plow the driveway when Tyler was away at school. So the cardboard was useful, and cheap and helped with some bathroom modesty.

But it was also quite an eyesore.

And, the thing is, I hate blinds. I don’t really like curtains either, unless they are pretty transparent. I like having the natural light come inside, because I’m not a fan of artificial light. And I’ll often just use the bathroom in the dark, with no lights at all.

So, I went online during one of the days I was feeling too awful to even move off the bed, and I found a solution.

I bought this roll of sticky, fake stained glass stuff. Here’s why it’s perfect.

1. It’s not permanent. This was a huge plus. What if Tyler didn’t like it? What if I didn’t like it? What if it installed badly? What if I changed my mind one day and wanted blinds? This stuff can be put on and taken off very easily with…wait for it….a razor blade. Recall me taking all the stickies off the windows this last fall with an actual razor blade that held precariously between my thumb and index finger? Well, I have the real tool now, with an actual handle, so I’m prepared to remove said window cover if I need.

2. I can make it any size. I didn’t want to cover the whole window, because I like being able to see a car that has pulled up if I’m in the bathroom and home alone. Or, maybe, I want to see what the weather is doing outside. I could cut it to the size I wanted and just cover half the window.

3. It casts pretty rainbows in the bathroom.

First, I cut the window cover down to just slightly bigger than necessary. And I can’t cut a straight line. This is an impossibility in my life I have come to accept. The window cover isn’t any different, it’s not straight.

Then I removed the screen and cleaned the window. You then douse the window in water. After you peel the backing off the window cover, you also douse the clingy part in water.

Last, you smooth out the cover. I used the little spatula from the cast iron set Tyler got me for Christmas to help smooth the cover out.

All I needed to do last is re-attach the screen and marvel in my bathroom, full of light once again, and now covered in beautiful rainbows.

While there isn’t much to be done on the house right now (in this weather, with lack of funds and lack of time on Tyler’s part), it’s nice to feel I can *sometimes* make the house a little less like a college row house.

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