Repairing Motors

Okay if you think I have a hard time describing the details of what Tyler does around the acreage, you are in for a special treat of my ignorance about motors.

It feels like Tyler’s most recent ventures involve repairing vehicles and their engines. Not cars or truck. But lawn mowers and….well I think just lawn mowers? But he also tries to fix parts of welding machines and other machines too.

So basically this post title may not be accurate? I’m off to a good start. Just wait, it will get better.

But I guess the part that isn’t surprising in the least, is that Tyler is a problem solver. Whether it’s a lawn mower engine or a piece of a tractor or a second-hand welding machine, he will work diligently to piece it back together.

For this piece of engine, he ordered parts online and even checked in with a specialist in tractor repair who has a YouTube channel and sells obscure parts.

What are these pictures of and did he repair this motor he was working on? That is information I do not know or feel I have any ability to comprehend. [This post is going about as well as I predicted 🤦🏽‍♀️].

So, while these days the shed smells of oil and his overalls are covered in grease stains I can’t possibly remove through any laundering techniques I’m familiar with, I’m constantly amazed at the work that goes into all these projects. I hope to start explaining them (perhaps I’ll have to understand them better first) in some future posts.

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