Shop Tasks

We are down to the bare bones are far as posts are concerned. I usually have 5-6 in queue, but, being as it’s February, it’s difficult to make anything happen about work at the house. And we are in also in the frigid period of winter. Today (when I’m writing this post) was -20 windchill. It’s hard to walk the dog, let alone do any particular work.

In an attempt to keep Gus entertained when we can’t be outside that long; we have taken to visiting Tyler in the shop.

I was a bit taken aback by the state of the shed. You see, Tyler has procured some tools since the whole Covid situation broke out and I hadn’t been in the shed.

It is messy. Now, a lot of that has to do with the fact that the tools Tyler uses are gigantic. And he has to situate them in a way that gives him access to use them. And the space isn’t very large.

But, from my unskilled vantage point, it just also seems like there are many things in the shop that don’t have a designated place yet.

But here is what I’m able to see. A big fan.

These drawers that he is going to clean out.

And so many wires and metal things and bips and bobbins and bloops that I can’t really concentrate on what I’m seeing.

Tyler is hoping to eventually have a large outbuilding that will become his main shop and then he can organize it better and not have so much in such a small space.

But, from my perspective, the chaos of all of that equipment would make it difficult for me to do any work in that space.

Kuddos to you Tyler, making the best out of a small space.

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