Thrift Haul-Many Hands Market

Not surprisingly, I haven’t gone thrift shopping much at all. Or, shopping in person for that matter. And the day I stopped at Many Hands market was actually not a planned trip.

I had a few students cancel lessons while I was on my way to Spencer to teach, and since I don’t look at my phone while driving, I didn’t find out until I arrived. So I decided to walk around (a Monday afternoon isn’t a terribly busy time for shopping so I felt fine going into the store during covid times).

Also-it’s that time of year when regular posting about the acreage slows down, so it was actually fortunately I had an impromptu visit.

Wool Sweater $1.00

Yes, people. The thing I LOVE about this thrift store is that you can buy perfectly acceptable clothing items for a buck. It’s so helpful for those of us who not only like a deal, but may also have actual needs for affordable clothing. I don’t wear a lot of royal blue these days, but for a fully wool cardigan (especially to wear around the house) this was quite the deal. I’ve had to replace a lot of my wardrobe with softer clothes (and larger clothes), so this was quite the find!

Cotton-Blend Sweater $3.00

This is actually a more expensive piece. But I was looking for sweaters for the winter when out walking Gus and just staying warm inside. It’s not wool, but it is a blend with a close knit, and soft.

Navy Side Button Skirt $1.00

While I’m not wearing a lot of skirts lately, mostly dresses. But I actually wanted a skirt with a side seam to practice adding a pocket to. This is cotton, and a nice midi skirt (it’s a bit too big in the waist), but if I totally mess up my attempt to add a pocket to it, it’s only $1.00 wasted.

Checkered Fabric $6.00

Yes, this fabric is one of the most expensive things I purchased. It’s about 5 1/2 yards of material. I’ve wanted to get some extra yardage of different fabrics for what I hope to be some projects to attempt over the cold days of winter that lay ahead.

Red Design Fabric $6.00

And, lastly, I bought this fabric too. It was also about 5 1/2 yards. I think it’s likely curtain fabric, but I thought it could make a really pretty skirt. The design almost has a shimmer to it.

And there you have it! $17 spent at the thrift store for five items, some of which I hope to use for winter projects. Maybe I’ll even be able to share an actual sewing project at some point!

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