Outlets for the Shed

We had this one weekend in October with a pretty decent snowstorm. I’m not entirely sure how many inches we got, but I’d guess maybe 4-6 inches. It was a Sunday and it snowed and snowed and snowed all day long.

I was very relieved to have the snow fall. Immediately, I could take a deep breath without wheezing.

But prior to the snowfall-that was actually predicted correctly in advance, Tyler knew that he had to get outside outlets put on the shed so he could plug the tractor in so it would be ready for cold snowy mornings.

Like is the case during the school year, I apparently missed half of this process. While, at the same time, Tyler doesn’t like me giving out too many exact details about electrical work anyway; because he thinks people might attempt something out of their league…and electricity is serious business.

So there were wires. And the wiring was protected with this pipe thing. And then an outdoor outlet that is waterproof and had one of those covers was used. And he also installed a light-because in the winter it gets dark here around 4pm and it’s still pitch black in the morning when he would need to warm up the tractor for snow removal. And then, as I understand it, there was some frustration when the newly installed light started flickering after it was turned on for the first time.

In the end, the late October snow had melted by the end of the week and was replaced by some last days of summer warmth. The tractor was never needed. It’s good to know the tractor is secure in its home now, with power for when the storms start coming in with regularity. For winter is coming.

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