The Impromptu Kitchen Makeover

When writing this, the Pedersen homestead is coming to the end of the marching band season. Just one week left for the indoor concert and a final performance at a playoff football game (weather permitting).

The air is growing cold. I even walked wearing my turtle fur this evening without overheating.

So I knew, this morning, that I needed to figure out a better situation for winter coats this year. I needed to buy a new sleeping bag style winter coat (for the most cold of days so I can still walk Gus) because my previous purchase from 2017 had ripped. It also was a bit tight (a medium) and I always lamented that the sleeves weren’t long enough.

So I went online and purchased a couple of coats in a Tall size (that’s a brilliant way to get longer sleeves-why haven’t I ever done that before for coats?). A lightweight puffer and two large sleeping bag coats.

This is a very long way of saying that our one small and not very strong coatrack would struggle to hold my three puffers, my flannel coat, wool dress coat, and Tyler’s flannel coats, sweatshirts, and winter coat.

The initial plan was to move the plastic pantry case over to the other side of the kitchen so I could put his and hers coat rack on either side of the entryway door. But, when you give a mouse a cookie…

I couldn’t move the pantry over without rearranging the microwave cart and then if I was taking the time to move that, shouldn’t I just move everything to do a good deep vacuum clean in the kitchen?

Yes. That’s what I did. And, in the process, I decided to move the vanity countertop and the plastic bins.

It was a mess.

Of course, it didn’t go as smoothly as I had hoped.

After I moved the plastic pantry next to the stove, I filled it back up with all the dishes and canned goods, it fell. It fell off the raised wood pieces and I couldn’t get the doors open. It was wedged good.

So I moved all the plastic bins, tipped the pantry on its side and emptied the shelves from the one door that would open.

Then I went into the garage and found a piece of plywood the pantry could sit on. Moved it into place, set the pantry back up and loaded it back up again.

I then measured and found a second piece of plywood to wrap in a shower curtain. I set it atop the plastic bins where I set dishes to dry to have a more steady base for those dishes.

And-ta-da! Nearly six hours later, I had a completely rearranged kitchen that only happened because I needed a place for a new coat rack. 🤦🏽‍♀️ But at least every damn inch of that kitchen floor was vacuumed and wiped down with cleaners.

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