The Windows

Once the painting of the house was done, I finally had a job I could do. At least, one that didn’t involve standard housework or taking care of the amazing Gus.

All of the windows in the house (or most of them) had either blue painters tape or adhesive logos or plastic coverings on them. And the tape doesn’t just come off. Especially tape that’s been on the windows for five years. But it was time to figure out how to clean it off and I was up to the task!

Gus kept getting the blue tape caught in his paws when he attempted to help.

I started with the blue painters tape that was on four sets of windows upstairs. I used Windex, a microfiber cloth, and the pointy end of a a nail clipper (I know this is ridiculous for a tool helper-but I wasn’t sure what else to use at the beginning).

This wasn’t even one of the bad windows.

I even got to take the screens out and step a foot outside on the roof to clean the windows. I love the roof. I love being on the roof. Gus found it fascinating to look outside of the fully opened window.

Cardboard leaning on my machine so the strong south sun doesn’t make the metal appliqué fade.

The windows in front of my sewing machine were covered in bird nest and just crap. They smelled like a hog pen. Each set of windows brought on its own challenges. Total there were four sets of blue taped windows upstairs.

Blue tape taken off the south windows upstairs.

Then I moved to the bathroom windows (both upstairs and downstairs-despite not having a functional bathroom downstairs perse) and the kitchen windows to remove the stickers that showed the brands. I also had to go over the large three pane window upstairs that faces the west. It had putty or caulk on it that needed to be scraped off as well. By this point I discovered that I could use a razor blade to get the difficult parts of the adhesive off.

Kitchen windows above the sink.
Large three pane windows upstairs.

The razor blade was tricky to hold-but it was far better than the nail clippers. Ha!

Then I began to tackle the Anderson doors. This was quite the endeavor. The doors had plastic along the glass on the inside and the outside. The inside plastic came off with almost no effort. But outside?

Anderson doors.

Outside was a labor of love. Probably due to all the years of winter, ice, blazing sun and rain; the adhesive was extra tough. And the plastic easily broke off into little bits instead of coming off in sheets.

The outside doors took me about two hours per door and I had to spread it out over several days. But since one never can be sure about when Fall weather can turn, I worked on it in between marching band and teaching. After the plastic was fully off, I then had to go through with the razor again, to scrape all the adhesive off little by little.

It’s amazing what a difference it makes though. The windows upstairs look so much bigger. The light feels stronger, probably bc it doesn’t have a blue aura around it from the tape. Downstairs you can actually see outside and it feels like you are standing outside, especially when the windows are open to the fall breeze.

Each small step makes the house more house-like. And I’m glad I was able to contribute something this go around.

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