The Fire

One hot and humid day, before I was leaving for my part-time job this summer, Tyler decided to burn the burn pile in a recreational fire.


I didn’t get any shots of the initial blaze, but …whoa. It got pretty high pretty fast.

So much so that one of the trees near the edge of the grove was becoming singed and looking a bit scary.

So Tyler ended up hooking up multiple hoses (we have large hoses) to wet down the tree to keep it from lighting up.

The few photos are from once the fire appeared more safe and under control.

But I must say, fire is unbelievably impressive and scary. You could feel the heat from quite a distance.

The ash kept burning for over a week after the fire was put out. And the noise from the fire was surprisingly loud. I took a small video of the sound and the distance from the house you can see below.

And the tree?

The tree isn’t in great shape. I’ll be surprised if it survives the winter and ice without the branches falling off. Part of it is black and dark and part seems to have survived.

I suppose we are even now. We’ve had a flood and a fire. But we luckily came out unscathed from both.

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