Finally Painting the House

I’m going to start with a recap of how we got to this post…perhaps one of the longest running projects at the homestead.

But first, let real-time Jenna (writing this mere minutes before it posts) interrupt for a live update!

I was tested for Covid last week. One, I now actually am aware of how my nasal cavity connects to the back of my throat. Yikes! My eye watered all day after the test. Two, I tested negative.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the end of the story. I’m having some asthma problems. My guess is this long fall with mild weather is the culprit. We really need a hard freeze for 24 hours. I REALLY NEED a hard freeze for 24 hours. But, then again, who knows what is best to do when you are having lung problems during a time in history when a lung condition has changed the country.

That’s all…a small covid update. Now enjoy the post!

Back in 2014, after gutting the inside of the house in a month and spending the rest of the summer framing the second story and the small addition, Tyler and I worked on the siding. He purchased Hardie board (upon some advice) and we started to paint them with a barn red paint on both sides.

But by the time all of this was happening, the weather turned and we couldn’t really set paint up to cure. (There was no heat in the house….or interior walls for that matter). So, a kind local man lent us his heated shop to paint the siding. We moved the siding over there. And I spent as many as twelve hours at a time out in his shop painting boards. Tyler would stop by and pick up a dry set and then put them on the house. In the very cold winter of 2014/2105.

Close up of the house pre-painting

The paint job I did was cursory…and less than stellar. But the plan was always to repaint the house once there was an opportunity and nicer weather.

This is what the house looked like on the outside. I think, even from a distance, you can see where the paint it fading and uneven.

I don’t know if the house would’ve gotten painted if not for the extra long summer we’ve had with Covid closings. There is so much Tyler has planned to do on the house and summer goes by quickly once the end of July approaches.

But he had some paint made up, borrowed additional scaffolding, and spent two of the hottest weeks of the summer hand painting the entire house with two coats of paint per side.

So the paint. Barn red is our house color. But Lavin Painting recommended we get a particular house paint and have them match our color so it would last longer. (Anything would have lasted longer than what I had done in 2014).

This is my favorite story of painting the house. You see, Tyler looked at the paint that was mixed up and said it looked a bit brighter than our color. And that, we have a building on the property already painted barn red and he wants them to match. The paint person disagreed and said out in the sun it will match.

Guess what?

It doesn’t match.

I think maybe this means we can get free paint for the rest of our lives…right…doesn’t that seem fair for getting the color wrong, having it pointed out it was wrong prior to leaving the store and then having the employee double down on the color-the color that is wrong?

Left: Faded original paint Right: Real Barn Paint Done Well-not the blue/red the paint place made up for the house.

I don’t mind though. It’s red. It’s bright. It has, to me, more of a blue-bright to it then the brown ruddiness of barn red.

So, one side at a time, Tyler sprayed the wall and scrubbed it with a long brush type object. (I bet it’s just called a broom…but I could be wrong…as I frequently am…so let’s just leave the correct title of the tool off the record).

He went in and painted all the trim white and then all the walls red. He let it dry and then did the exact same thing again. Then tore down the scaffolding and moved to the next side of the house to repeat this.

Gus watching Tyler paint the second floor from inside the house

There were days he painted from 7am to 9pm….slowly and cautiously, doing it right and making sure he kept the paint even. All with a hand brush. He was very meticulous.

Cleaning the siding with the broom tool

The sink inside the house (yes, the plastic utility sink I hate) was covered in red paint constantly and looked like a crime scene. But I don’t believe Tyler ever got one drop of paint on his clothes.

It’s amazing how much a paint job really turns around the look of the house. We went from shabby to chic in two weeks without anything additional being done inside. (I bet that means our property taxes will jump up hundreds of dollars)!

The house looks like a real house.

It kind of feels wrong to make an 80+ hour project into one blog post. But this has been a long time coming and I’m so stoked that we look like a regular house from the outside and not a construction site that I didn’t want to drag this project out.

Bravo Tyler. Bravo.

2 Replies to “Finally Painting the House”

  1. Oh my stars! The house looks gorgeous! I love red!!!

    Glad you are COVID free. Here’s to a hard freeze! Take care.





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