Barn Doors

In an effort to make the doorway between the garage and porch as efficient and large as possible, Tyler went with sliding barn doors to close off the garage.

Now, if you purchase sliding barn doors you are going to spend a fortune. Not to mention how you’d have to have them made to a custom size for the exact space you’d like.

Naturally, that meant that Tyler made his own.

Using that ever-beautiful cedar, Tyler measured and ripped boards down and then put them together. I don’t really think buying barn doors would have been better. This way, the wood exactly matches all the other wood in the porch.

What he did end up purchasing though was a track to attach the doors to. I’m sure he could’ve made one, but since the remaining time of this extra long summer is dwindling (I’m writing this post at the end of June), and there are so many projects he wants to tackle, some decisions had to be made for practical reasons.

The doors were made so they could easily not cover up the outlet along the wall. He has an astragal behind one door to keep them steady and together.

By the way, the word astragal sounds like a math tool or an astronomy tool and when Tyler first described how he was making an astragal, I was terribly confused. It instantly makes me feel smarter to know what it is now.

He is also considering some magnets to help hold the door together…but we both laughed at the probability of me not being able to open the doors with the strength of the magnets. Guess we will see how that goes.

This porch, guys, it gets better with each step he takes.

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