A Home for the Tractor Part II

Not long after Tyler had the foundation posts set, the framing went up. It’s amazing to me how quick of a process framing is. Maybe it’s not that quick for other people? Maybe Tyler is a quick framer? Who knows? But the project went from not looking like anything other than holes in the ground to a partial building/roof really quickly.

Underneath the roof is rock, because one obviously does not want to have one’s tractor sink into muddy ground. Especially since with a tractor sitting in that spot, it’s not like any vegetation will grow to protect the soil from erosion.

He put up the beams for the roof and then covered that in plywood.

One of the front beams is some new product that is coated or made special to not rot and be used outside in the elements. So…I guess that’s a good thing? With all the large beams that I’ve seen go into to the house, it’s interesting to see one exposed outside.

After the plywood, there was also a bit of painting for the facia that lined the roof. I suppose some people might not go the extra mile of painting and matching a roof to the house and shed, but I appreciate (and always have) Tyler’s attention to detail with house building.

Then it was time to shingle the roof. Which required laying down some sticky stuff first and then the actual shingles. He completed that in one day to beat the rain. And ended up burnt to a crisp because of it.

He is planning to add (maybe he already did-the electrician was here after he completed the roof) a light and outlet to the outside of the shed. This way, when it’s pitch black at 6am in January, he can see what he’s doing when he starts the tractor to move snow before school. This will also allow him to plug the tractor in with running cord or cable or anything.

And here’s a before and after to just give you the full picture. Another project checked off the list in the extra long summer of 2020.

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