A Home for the Tractor Part I

So part of that huge post last week (that spanned work over three months) was for this very post.

The new home for the tractor.

Tyler had been wanting to create a small roof off the shed for the tractor to sit under for easier start up during winter months and for some protection from the elements.

And, due to some impending rain and storms, Tyler knocked this whole project out in about a week.

So first, he created these deep holes in the ground to be the foundation for the posts for the columns of the lean to. (I don’t know what to call this thing he is building…probably not a lean to…because it’s more substantial than that…but also not a garage)?

You have to go pretty deep to go below the frost line so your cement doesn’t end up cracking and the roof caving in. (Or the walls breaking apart like the situation our house was in when we purchased it and discovered the foundation under one part wasn’t laid below the frost line).

Then I got involved. Can you believe it? I don’t have pictures of this, but I held the measuring stick for the transom while Tyler shot the measurements. I did this twice. Once along the wall of the shed and once at the cement holes.

Both times I was terrified of my hands jolting the stick thingy…but the lean to did get built and hasn’t collapsed yet-so I must not have messed up too badly.

Then there was the cement pouring and letting it cure.

And that meant Tyler was ready to frame and build the actual lean to.

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