The Finishing Touches on the Porch Walls

I’m not entirely sure what to name or call this post. I’m sure there is a word for what I’m trying to describe, but it eludes me.

Words sometimes seem to elude me these days more often than not. Or maybe it just feels that way, because, truly, I haven’t ever quite “gotten” the correct terminology for much of what happens in construction.

There were some small parts left in the porch that needed to be completed in regards to the walls. The molding (?) around the top of the walls, some window framing, door framing, etc. But all of that couldn’t be finished without other things being finished first. Like, the steps into the house. And the round barrel vent cover.

While I’ve been teetering on about whether or not these things deserve a whole post, I figure it might seem odd (at the end of this project) to have some of these things just “appear.” Would people really notice the window framing? I might not have, not before living in a house under construction and being made aware of all the small parts of the process.

But you know, I think seeing all these little things are important. They are the bits and bobbles that are part of the overlooked craftsmanship of a house. And, in the end (obviously since you are reading this post), I decided to go ahead and post about them.

There isn’t much to say about the process. It involved measuring, cutting, and nailing or screwing in the wood. Maybe some sanding? It’s not as glamorous as making a rounded vent cover or as specific as concrete steps, but it makes a room cohesive without you even knowing why it looks cohesive.

I missed most of this stuff. Now that I’m taking on extra part-time work to supplement Covid-19 financial troubles (more about that in a much future blog post), I’m gone a bit on the weekends.

I can’t wait til we can use this room. Tyler has hopes of having a Christmas tree in here in this winter. Us, drinking tea or hot cocoa and relaxing while watching a snowstorm. Sounds absolutely lovely.

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