The Steps Into the House

The next step in the porch process was the steps….😁

But before I go into that, I’m writing this post from the past, as I always do. These posts are often written a few months in advance (sometimes just a few weeks) based on how many projects Tyler has completed and my ability to remember the details of said projects.

But now, as if covid-19 wasn’t enough of a historical turning point for 2020, we are also experiencing protesting across the country (the began just a mere three and a half hours away in the Twin Cities), with increasing police violence and rioting from some anarchists taking over the protests.

When I write about current events, I often wonder, at the time this post becomes visible, what more will we all know? What will have changed? Or not changed? How will life be completely different? Can it ever be changed?

Black Lives Matter. ❤️

So now it feels so totally odd to try and go back to a post about anything…but that also seems to be how life is going in 2020. Almost everything feels trivial.

Tyler had presented some options for the stairs going from the porch into the house. We had been using this temporary step he built, which required a decently large step up into the house.

It was just a wood box and could be moved out of the way.

But he decided on doing two box steps made of concrete on top of each other, with the bottom step being a larger width so you can step up from any angle.

Concrete is sturdy and makes sense in a porch that will have to deal with muddy shoes, snow and dirt from the acreage.

First, Tyler measured and made some temporary wooden steps to check his calculations. Then he made the molds for the concrete to set. I guess concrete is pretty cheap, so the total cost for building these steps was under $30 or something crazy like that.

Then he mixed up the concrete, put it in the molds and evened it all out so the steps would sit flat. There were some issues, firstly, the large bottom step wouldn’t set up. It was taking much longer than anticipated.

Secondly, while prepping the little step after it cured, it actually broke apart! So, apparently, this project was not going as smoothly as he had anticipated.

What a frustrating moment that must have been for him! All I saw was the remains of the step in our dumpster.

So Tyler had to make another mold and pour another step. And let it cure again.

I didn’t get any pictures of this part, but he also textured the top of the steps with a paint brush so they wouldn’t become slippery should we have wet and muddy and snowy shoes or boots.

Then he had to place the steps. Frame them in with the wood. Put some screws in and get the finished framing on the door.

The first few days we had the steps I was so confused. I kept trying to take a big step down, expecting the one box step we’ve had for these past six years. But it’s so nice to not have to take a huge step down and out from the door. Much safer, I think! Gus seems to be a fan too!

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