The Round Piece

In true Tyler Pedersen fashion, one of the projects for the porch included making a special cedar piece that would fit over the unsightly stove vent.

No, we don’t actually have a vent hooked up to the stove yet, but the vent is already in place (and has been for a few years).

Because a vent is round, this presented an interesting challenge. And Tyler decided to take on this challenge by following ship making protocols to create bent cedar planks.

Oh, I know. Ship making protocols.

The first step was to soak the cedar planks he had ripped down in very hot water for a few hours while continually adding hot water. He soaked the planks in the utility sink, yes the same utility sink I loathe, because it was deep enough. The sink was covered in towels to help keep the heat in.

He would check on the planks every so often to see how pliable they had become. Once they were bendy enough, he attached them to the frame he build so they could dry in their new curved shape.

There were lots of vices that made the curved piece have a type of dangerous torture device type aesthetic going for it.

To even figure out how to create the piece, he used this little tool, which I think was a flea market find.

This old tool does math. That’s all I remember. It’s like a compass (is it actually a compass? Like a math compass?). It finds angles. I think I better just move on from the tool.

Once dry and secure, it was put into place around the vent.

It was such an interesting process for such a small part of the porch. One that I imagine most people won’t even notice. But that husband of mine, he pays attention to details.

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