The Chimney

Okay, so the chimney is an illusion. We don’t actually have a chimney that will be releasing smoke from a wood stove in the porch. But it was a way for Tyler to hide electronic wires and create a certain “feel” for the fireplace…which will be a gas fireplace.

As usual, he thought about different ways to style the chimney, but settled on continuing with the cedar shingles.

I think this was a great use of the shingles, and keeps the continuity of the interior design going throughout the porch.

Or…you know…whatever people who are good at the stuff think.

I missed a lot of pictures of Tyler doing this…as seems to be the case every so often when he works on a project during the hours I’m working. But it took quite awhile to complete (fitting everything together and laying out the shingles to wrap around the chimney), so I felt it deserved it’s own blog post.

Guess what that means? The framing and paneling of the porch is almost complete! Which means it will soon be more of a useable living space. Which will be awesome!

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