Cedar Shingles Inside the Porch

I thought this was a brilliant move on Tyler’s part. But let’s get serious, most of his moves are pretty smart.

We have those beautiful stained cedar shingles on the outside of the house porch that was quite the project last summer. And so, it feels fitting that the reverse wall inside the porch (the east) would also be lined with cedar shingles.

These aren’t stained, because all the cedar wood in the porch has these lovely shades of blondes, reds, and light browns. They all create a super warm glow to the room, especially when the sun is shining through the windows in the morning.

Putting this wall together was quite the ordeal as well-so I’ve been told. Shingles had to be shaved individually to fit. Tyler was also considerate of the colors he was using to not create a pattern on the wall and be more….ummm…amorphous? Maybe random is a better word, but for some reason the word random has a slight negative connotation to me-and I think the placement of the shingles is positive.

As you can see from the pictures, it’s a one at a time highly meticulous project. I can’t recall how many days it took to complete this. But it was more than any other part of the porch project so far. Those details can sure take a lot of time.

After the shingles were up, I’m pretty sure I gasped. I don’t know if the photos really do it justice, but the smell of the cedar, the golden light, the warmth of the room…it’s beautiful.

2 Replies to “Cedar Shingles Inside the Porch”

  1. It is so much fun to read your blog, Jenna! The porch – well, the whole house – looks great! You’ve made so much progress. And you are right, Tyler is a genius. We are covid free but very tired of all things covid. Stay well!


  2. The cedar really gives a cozy look to your porch. Please tell Tyler that his SDSU friend approves. I know he has been holding his breath awaiting my approval. Love to you both and of course to Gus!


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