The Kitchen Sink

When Tyler set up our “temporary” kitchen (which consisted of an abandoned bathroom vanity project as a countertop, a small wire cart and a microwave before we even had a stove or fridge), he put in a utility sink. Kind of a cheap, plastic type sink.

Of course, this did make the most sense. He would be washing out painting tools in the sink and using it for construction purposes. So we needed something deep and not delicate.

But I must say, I hate our kitchen sink terribly.

I worked in a local coffee shop the second summer Tyler and I were married and my job was mainly back in the kitchen, baking, making breakfast and lunch orders and doing dishes. And we had two, huge restaurant sinks. They were so deep and their legs were so short, my back and shoulders would ache terribly from doing dishes.

This is the current situation at the house as well.

I don’t mind doing dishes by hand at all. But it’s the excessive bending down that is tough. And with Tyler cooking and eating at home during this pandemic 2020, this means doing the dishes several times a day.

Until the kitchen cabinets are made by Tyler, I am stuck in this utility sink quagmire.

But what did come to pass, about five weeks into the school shut-down, was the replacing of the faucet.

This damn faucet, man, it was a trip. It leaked from the moment it was put on. There was a constant run of water down the back sides of the sink (bc no sink would sit firmly on our uneven kitchen floors) which created awful smells and pockets for bacteria growth.

One day I was cleaning around the faucet and Tyler commented we should just get a cheap faucet that doesn’t leak.

I took that to mean someday, but low and behold within a day or two he had procured a faucet and installed it (while I was doing video marching band auditions).

In the process, he also cleaned up the gross floor underneath the sink. Which was a huge relief for my mold allergies.

He also replaced the hoses and painted the window framing so it would be easier to wipe down.

And although I still have a sink too deep and endless dishes to clean (bc we don’t have room to have extra dishes without having cabinets, so I have to keep washing the same dishes so we even have dishes to use), it sure is nice to not have water leaking out all over the sink.

What may seem like a little project, feels like a huge victory to me, in the daily shuffle of life.

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