Cedar Boards

I love the smell of Cedar. Tyler has heard me endlessly share how it reminds me of the Black Hills. But it really is one of the most delightful woods.

Once the ceiling was complete, and he framed the fireplace, he could complete the siding on the first three sides of the porch. He decided to play off the original, less than stellar wood paneling that was all over the house when we purchased it. But go high class.

So he took these large cedar planks and sided the north, south, and west walls from top to bottom.

This involved cutting them down, but also, in true Tyler fashion, he staggered the colors of the wood to create depth and make the place look like a rustic kingdom.

Of course, as a benefit, this meant that room was cleared in the garage because he was able to clear out the wood that had been piling up there. And, as luck would have it, it was even warm enough during some of the process to work with the doors open.

I love how Tyler takes the ideas we found in the house when we bought it; and recreates them-just with more craftsmanship.

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