Minor Mattress Demolition

At the beginning of quarantine, I decided to tackle some projects I had lingering.

One such project, was the mattress that was still sitting in our basement from when we switched out the beds from the one Gus kept peeing on that first year he lived with us.

See, you can’t just throw a whole mattress away. But you can tear the mattress apart and throw the individual pieces away. Actually, this was the box spring, not the mattress.

So I grabbed some tools. A pry-bar, a hammer and one of those knife things that retracts the blade (why can’t I remember what that is called?).

I tore the remaining fabric off. Then the wood slats with the pry bar and hammer. Then I got stuck. The last part of the box spring was actually the spring themselves twisted into the remaining wood. It wasn’t something that could be pried apart.

So I eventually gave up. My hands were aching. I couldn’t get the rest destroyed. And…by this point I was exhausted. Turns out I probably should’ve ended the project sooner because that night a case of hives erupted on my legs and arms.

But, that just seems to be my life a lot recently. So…I have still left an unfinished project. At least the box spring would no longer be a cozy home for any rodents.

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