Outside Work

Tyler, the work beast, took a little time off during the porch project during some nice weather to work a bit outside.

I get this. With the sun staying out longer, and the weirdness of everything going on in the world, taking some breaks to be outdoors just feels good.

Here’s some of what happened.

He cut down trees and burned some dead ones, made a fire pile for the not-as dead ones to dry out. He is clearing the tree grove behind the shed a bit. It’s a massively messy area.

He pulled out almost all the burdock weeds. They love to jump onto Gus’s fur. Then he eats them out of his fur and it hurts his tummy and causes the doggie runs.

He went and got some rock and laid it down over the muddy pit the driveway had become.

I feel like he told me it was 20,000. The amount of rock was 20,000. I don’t know what type of measurement (uh…it wasn’t $20,000 I know that for sure), but that was the amount. Pounds? Cubic feet? Pieces?

Then, he had to clean out his truck bed from all that rock. Which involved sweeping it out and driving on the highway to help little bits blow out!

He did some thing with the tractor and moving tractor things around. 🤷🏽‍♀️ (I was trying to grab photos between video lessons and never actually found out what he was doing). But does it matter that I know? No! It just matters that we were able to enjoy some nice weather while isolated. That’s part of the joy of the Homestead.

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