Framing the Fireplace

Tyler made a comment the other day that I thought was fitting. He said that having this extra month off (this is all happening during the coronavirus isolation event in the US) is like getting back a bit of last summer.

Last summer was rough. Tyler lost a few good friends to accidents and illness. He helped several people out with their projects and then ran out of the time to do evergreen he wanted to with the porch.

I’m glad he can look at this odd worldwide event with some positivity. I haven’t quite got there yet, but that may be because I’m still trying to work from home and am feeling like an inferior teacher. Yet, I digress again.

After the ceiling was completed, he began work on framing the fireplace. He needed to get that set in order to add the finishing to the walls.

He measured what was needed and had the guys from Kozy Heat come out and verify what he needed to do with a pipe thing for the furnace part. (I’m afraid we are getting into technical territory at this point so I’m, per usual, messing up the information and stating it in a rather non-technical manner).

Then he framed it. Which involved wood and cutting and nailing and stuff.

He made this faux chimney on top of the fireplace for effect. It won’t function or be a part of the actual fireplace.

On either side of the fireplace are these benches he also framed in.

I did help, a tiny bit. I vacuumed the sawdust and insulation pieces up from the ground around what he framed. I even had to disassemble parts of the vacuum due to the insulation plugging up the hose.


Oh guys, he’s working on the wall finishing now and it’s super awesome. What a beautiful porch this will be. Perhaps even one we’ll be able to enjoy later this summer and into fall, watching the fireflies light up the night sky all around us.

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