Priming and Painting the Porch Ceiling

And so, the last step of the porch ceiling is complete.

A little current time update from the homestead. Iowa is “mostly” re-opening and has been for almost two weeks. There have been protests places about states re-opening.

The thing is, I’m a bit baffled. People want to stay closed to save lives from the virus. Other people want to open to save lives from poverty. But I think they are both wrong and they are both right. Because being a member of a community isn’t about all or nothing on any side. And when you can’t hear what the other side is saying, you are part of the problem.

Times like these man…makes me wonder if I should’ve discerned and joined a convent. Too many people with no logic or no heart.

But let’s get back to the porch and what was happening in March, shall we?

Tyler spent one night putting primer on the ceiling. The primer we had available? Oil-based. So it definitely made the porch stink and it permeated through the house. The industrial yellow fan basically never stopped running.

Once that dried, we had a discussion about what color to paint the porch ceiling. I had no thoughts really. I’m just not that great at anything visual. (As I’ve mentioned Tyler is far better at finishes and interior decorating. I pick stuff for sentimental value. He picks stuff for aesthetic appeal).

But after some thought and me trying to encourage him to go with whatever he feels he would like the best, he picked white paint.

Firstly, white can always be painted over easily. Secondly, we had enough white paint in the basement that he wouldn’t have to buy more.

The painting also went quickly.

And then, he spent time mopping the floor to catch the dust particles left over from the sanding. Which means what you all think it means. We begin the walls. No more baby blue cotton candy walls folks…a real porch is imminent!

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