Sanding the Porch Ceiling

This is the first house post I am writing from the Coronavirus-19 times. By the time you read this, nearly two months of changes in our lives will have gone by. At this point, it has only been one week since schools have closed down. California is in some type of stay-at-home order. I’m frantically making video lessons and trying to up my technology game so I can still earn a living. And all of social media is full of ways people can help each other or people being pissed off at each other. Ah…America.

The unexpected bonus of these uncertain times, is the amount of time Tyler suddenly has to work on projects. His first goal was to go full force at the porch. He has already been chipping away at it on weekends and at night while school was still in session. But with all the sudden time opening up, I think he really got inspired.

After he put the mud stuff on the porch ceiling, he had to sand the ceiling. This seemed like the worst job to me. It left him covered in a fine white powder (like he was a powdered doughnut) after each session.

Plus, working on a ceiling is no easy task. The damn thing is always above you so your arms are going to get tired.

He had to wear a mask due to the fine particles. And he put up sheets of plastic around the windows, doors and light switches that aren’t covered. Most of my photos are taken from inside the house and after the job was finished, because, no, I wasn’t interested in wearing a mask and getting covered in a fine drywall dust.

Then he took the sanding tool and went at it. He said at time the dust would become so thick he couldn’t see. We also had a sudden dip in temperatures while he was working, so he had to get the propane heater out to keep the space warm. Propane heaters are LOUD.

It only took a couple of days. And the reason it even took him that long was because he went and helped a few other people with projects during this time. Detours, folks. He is always running detours.

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