The Mouse and the Mold

One day, when I was feeling a bit of spring fever, I decided to tidy up some of the basement. Yes, I had put many objects in their place and organized and sorted through a lot of damaged items waaaaay back after the flood of 2018, but stuff accumulated. As it is want to do.

So I started in this one little corner. Tools were hanging out on shelves. Tyler’s old coats were laying on the floor that had been sitting in the garage. I had a few piles of music items.

Gus and I spent about forty minutes in the basement, putting stuff together. And I started to really run out of energy fast.

But when I started moving these spare wire clippings we’ve been hoarding for god knows what reason, I noticed a bit of mouse poo.

Little tiny black pieces of rice on the floor just in the northeast corner of the basement. I know you can’t just vacuum up mouse poo, because it’s dangerous to inhale (like bat poo). And since I had lost my energy anyway and couldn’t find the mouse/mice. I went upstairs and promptly fell asleep .

That night, I informed Tyler about what I had found. He tried to convince me that there is no way a mouse could’ve gotten into the house, our house is sealed extremely tightly.

And then….

A few days later he said he had gone to the basement to check it out. Yes. Mouse poop indeed! But…

Tyler believes that perhaps the mouse drowned in our pump pit. Or died of starvation. I’m skeptical because where there is one….

But what I didn’t expect, was that Tyler found mold growing on the exposed drywall in the basement along the stairwell-where we had the flood. This damn flood of 2018…it just never stops interrupting our lives.

I am highly allergic to basically all molds. On my allergy chart, my mold reactions are off the scale (at least, that’s what my allergist impressed upon me). Back when we first were working on the house I had an asthma attack while trying to tear apart old shelves in the basement. And practically everytime I teach in the old building in a neighboring town (the building is from circa 1889?), I have to use my inhaler. I have this sixth sense that detects mold…it’s called my lungs stop functioning.

So, we knew the mold had to be taken care of ASAP. I mixed up a bottle of bleach and hot water and made myself a makeshift mask (no-masks or gloves available here folks-this was happening during Covid-19 days).

I sprayed down the drywall. Tyler’s plan is to clean it off and seal it in with paint. Basically whatever paint we have available.

Then, perhaps, we can throw out everything unsealed in the basement (I mean, we have a lot more free time than myself or a band director ever has in the spring of the year) and get this basement sorted out.

And the mouse. Mouses. Mice.


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